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Lauren Cadilac, JD, MBA 
Lead Attorney

After surviving a horrific car accident, Lauren decided it was time to finally pursue her dreams of going to law school and becoming a lawyer. Hey if you can learn how to walk again when you’re 25 you can conquer law school, can’t you? Lauren is sensitive to the needs of every-day people. She’s especially fond of helping small businesses and regular people overcome real issues.

Lauren currently resides in Oak Cliff. She is active in local issues including infrastructure, education and civil and disability rights.

Lauren obtained her Bachelors of Applied Science from Arizona State University. She went onto obtain her MBA in Management at Western International University and then her JD at St. Mary’s University School of Law. During her undergrad Lauren sold real estate in the Scottsdale Arizona area to mainly first time buyers. After moving back to Texas and while working toward her MBA, Lauren worked as a claims adjuster at Progressive Insurance. During law school Lauren was an adjunct professor teaching business law, ethics and human resources. Most recently, Lauren has worked at AT&T as part of the Leadership Development Program in Supply Chain.

Jamesha Black

Born in Galveston, Texas, and raised between Fort Worth and Houston, Jamesha is the oldest of four children: her brother, Justin, 28, is battling Multiple Sclerosis, and she has twin siblings, Shayla and Skylar, 26. Jamesha wanted to be a doctor when she grew up, “but after taking some medical classes in high school I quickly had a change of heart!” she says with a laugh. She attended Klein High School, 30 miles from downtown Houston, and Mansfield Timberview, then went on to trade school at Arlington Career Institute, to get her Paralegal Certification. She is currently perusing her Associates at Dallas County Community College. Jamesha says about her career, “When I found out what a Paralegal was, I was instantly drawn to it. My younger brother had gotten into some legal trouble and I wanted nothing more than to help him.” She explains, “I’ve always thought that sometimes good people make dumb decisions, but that shouldn’t mean the end of their life. I started out only wanting to do Criminal law, but as the years have progressed I have found Estate Planning, Business Formation, Litigation, Probate and Family law to be enjoyable. Any way that I can give light to a dark situation brings me joy.” Her sincere hope to help others also lead her to the Law office of Lauren Cadilac, an Oak Cliff attorney who practices Business, Probate, Civil Litigation, Estate Planning, Real Estate, Property Tax Protests, and much more. Jamesha recently was hired into the all-female law firm, and looks forward to working with the caring staff. Jamesha began her new career in law working at the firm in June of 2017

Liz Becerra
Office Manager

The office manager for The Law Offices of Lauren Cadilac Medel, the new space for the all-female law firm is upstairs on the second floor of 1813 Balboa place in Oak Cliff. Liz is thrilled to be there, and happy to help every client who comes through the door.
Liz is the proud mother of four children. Oldest daughter Briana is 24 and is engaged to Aurelio Aguilar; they have two daughters, Liz’s “Beautiful grandbabies” five-year-old Alyssa and one- year-old Aubrey. Son Rodolfo is 21 and has Liz’s two-year-old grandbaby, Nevaeh. Her third child is 17-year-old Kristina, a junior at Nimitz High School and an outstanding softball player for the Lady Vikings. The “baby” of her four is eight-year-old the Karla who is in the 2nd grade at Heights Prep.

With six siblings, four children and three grandchildren, Liz has plenty of at-home experience raising a family and struggling through tough times. She says what brought her to work at the Law Offices of Lauren Cadilac Medel was simply that, “I enjoy helping people and I love learning new things every day.”

Bio Thanks to Judy Porter of Bubble Life

Willie Joseph Jr., Esq.
Associate Attorney

Willie Joseph was born and raised in Baton Rouge, La. He is a proud and near life-long Southern Jaguar. He started his education with a diploma from Southern University Lab High School. While attending Southern University and A&M College he played football and was a kicker. Mr. Joseph joined Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., participated in many other organizations on campus, and obtained his Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and Juris Doctorate from the Southern University Law Center. Upon being admitted to practice law, Willie established The Law Office of Willie Joseph. Willie is also licensed in Texas where he practices family law, criminal law, personal injury, and civil litigation.
Willie has devoted his legal career to advocating on behalf those who are in need of help. His litigation skills have resulted in many favorable judgements for his clients. His ability to really listen to his clients helps him to empathize with them and give them compassionate and supportive representation. Willie believes having the knack to communicate with his clientele in such a way makes dealing with a hard situation easer to navigate. People are often unprepared emotionally, financially and physically for life changing events that can happen. Willie Joseph will utilize all of his skills available to fight for you like family. 

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